Special Offer on Ice Melt in Louisville, Kentucky!

The air is becoming more crisp, the leaves are starting to change, and the days are getting shorter. Whether you like it or not, winter is coming, and now is the time to prepare for snow and ice!

To help you get ready for winter, Leonard Brush & Chemical is excited to offer 10% off ice melt products from Cargill and Peladow!

Cargill’s GreenMelt is a high performance ice melter made from magnesium chlorides, sodium and potassium. GreenMelt delivers faster melting than conventional rock salt, is easy to see on packed snow and ice for even coverage and will not stain sidewalks or walkways.

You’ll also save on Cargill’s Winter Melt Halite, which contains both small and large crystals of natural sodium chloride to provide instant traction and superior melting speed.

To undercut ice quickly in even the most frigid temperatures, stock up on Peladow Ice Melt. The calcium chloride formula breaks the bond ice makes with the pavement and keeps working even when the temperatures drop below zero.

To learn more about these and other options for ice melt in Louisville, Kentucky, contact our team today at 502-585-2381!

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